Thousands take part in Moda’s Instagram isolation workout

As much as you can plan, its often the reactive campaigns that can have the biggest impact.

Last Saturday, residents at Moda Angel Gardens took to their balconies for an isolation HIIT workout, led by Moda’s health and wellbeing partner hero. Streamed on Instagram Live in partnership with Manchester’s Finest, an additional 4,000 people tuned in to join the workout from their own homes. The content has since been watched by over 14,000 people around the world – a great success for a campaign that took less than 24 hours from conception for delivery.

To watch the content – and join in – visit the Angel Gardens Facebook page here.

Angel Gardens, situated in the heart of Manchester, is Moda’s first development in the UK, while schemes in Leeds, Liverpool Birmingham, Edinburgh and Brighton and Hove are well underway. The property brand is creating happy and healthy communities around the UK through a raft of unrivalled amenities, such as shared lounges, flexible workspaces and a cycle hub. Its partnership with hero, a start-up digital wellness platform, will track and improve the health and fitness of all residents, with expert advice and support across nutrition, fitness and mental health.

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